This is a portrait of my suffering, of my labors to turn it into a thing of beauty. It is a record of my battle against cancer, the lessons I learned in my long journey from self-destruction to discovering my own power to create. It is a testament to my victory in this brutal battle. I dedicate this to everyone who supported me along the way


This is a very intimate hand-illustrated self-portrait, my personal reminder to always stop, look and listen to the here and now, for nothing truly exists but the present moment. I made this piece over several weeks this past winter, in the middle of chemotherapy, spending between a few minutes to many hours, depending on what my body allowed me.

I wish for this piece to encourage people to stop being afraid of uncertainty and appreciate the moment for what it is, to see beauty even in things that terrify us. In the end, life is just a fractal slowly forming a shape, with both smooth and sharp edges, a shape too large for us humans to grasp fully :)

Completed in Feb. 2021. Ink and color pencils on aquarelle paper, 16.8x17cm. Sold on KnownOrigin.