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Self-taught visual artist and former software engineer. Creator of surreal/ psychedelic/ emotive illustrations, paintings, clay sculptures, video art, and digital compositions in 2D/3D.

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Beauty is my master. Beauty commands attention without effort and grounds us to the present moment. I seek to discover beauty in everything, and create opportunities for its manifestation whenever there appears to be none, by realizing that flaws, or anything undesirable, may be transmuted into tangible evidence of the miraculous power of human creativity.

The beauty and pain of the human experience is what brought me to art-making— an eagerness to express what it feels like to be in the void, only to discover infinite potential in solitude, emptiness and silence. My early work is heavily inspired by nature, fractals, and the curiosity of dolls, with the intention to deliver a sense of eeriness that is more whimsical than frightening, thereby challenging the beholder to question the validity of their fears and thus be free from limitation.

Having overcome my own fears allowed me to finally discover my truest, most authentic self and what I was born to do. My current mission is focused on zero-waste conscious creation and co-creation with community, to honour the planet, to honour one another, and make a clear statement that everything is connected and everything has a purpose. I aspire to create works of art that carry messages of love, through pieces that are simple and efficient in doing so and only producing beauty as a result, following the example of nature’s ways.